I’ve moved

Almost not there is now hosted on my website. All the old posts are there, and that’s where the new ones will go.


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With the Nomads rides again

As Parmi les nomades at the Afrikabidon festival in Ardèche on the 26th.

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Yesterday the Tate, today the V&A

Does this say anything?

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I’m coming back

It’s been a few years since I showed any artwork in public, almost a decade since I showed any photographs. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it, though, the whys and hows, and then there was a what – photos I took when I was living in Melville, in South Africa, in 2008 – and now there’s a when, two of them in fact.

It seems that every few years I have to go through the cycle of thinking through the following thoughts about doing art and documentaries, in no particular order: Continue reading

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On memories and cameras

I’ve written two more CultureLab posts. The first one troubled me a bit because, although I didn’t much like the artwork, the people were really nice. Ah, but your duty to your public, I began to tell myself, but that voice was quickly told to shut up and stop being a pompous arse. What public? What careful selection process permitted me to post my opinions on a site of a respectable magazine? What careful editorial oversight ensured that this was a fair and reasonable thing to write?

And who’s got their stuff in Gimpel Fils, and who’s hoping for the basement of a bookshop on the Lower Clapton Road?

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Tree of Souls, Avatar, New Scientist

Another post by me on the CultureLab blog.

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Will Self and David Eagleman: Uses for an afterlife

This way to the beyond.

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