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I’ve moved

Almost not there is now hosted on my website. All the old posts are there, and that’s where the new ones will go.

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With the Nomads rides again

As Parmi les nomades at the Afrikabidon festival in Ardèche on the 26th.

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Yesterday the Tate, today the V&A

Does this say anything?

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On memories and cameras

I’ve written two more CultureLab posts. The first one troubled me a bit because, although I didn’t much like the artwork, the people were really nice. Ah, but your duty to your public, I began to tell myself, but that voice was quickly told to shut up and stop being a pompous arse. What public? What careful selection process permitted me to post my opinions on a site of a respectable magazine? What careful editorial oversight ensured that this was a fair and reasonable thing to write?

And who’s got their stuff in Gimpel Fils, and who’s hoping for the basement of a bookshop on the Lower Clapton Road?

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Tree of Souls, Avatar, New Scientist

Another post by me on the CultureLab blog.

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Will Self and David Eagleman: Uses for an afterlife

This way to the beyond.

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1001 words

I’m not a writer, but… Barbara Campbell gave me a chance to write for her brilliant 1001 nights cast project – she’s the online Scheherazade, and has been for 779 nights now – and though the only chance to see and hear her perform it has gone, you can read it in the archive. You can also find stories there from proper writers like M. John Harrison and Lara Pawson.


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